Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why is Texas SOOOO HOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So I'm back bloggers! This is going to be a little long so you can either read or move on. Let me give you a little update on the Mallette's.

First Mallette Update: If you didn't already know I'm expecting again which most of you know but if you don't know already I'm having a little GIRL! I'm so excited about our little "Cassidy Madysen Mallette." Let me tell you this little girl is going to be costly that is for sure. Again it could be the crazy mom that wants to get her all this stuff. But I can't help it I love little girl stuff. Although buying boy stuff has been super fun. I love trying to find manly stuff for our little guy. Once we get all the boxes moved out of Cassidy's room I get to start doing the deco in her room. Let me tell you the vision of the room is all in my head now I just have to create this masterpiece. Trust me when I'm done I will send out photos of the room til then this just dreaming up new ideas for this room.

Second Mallette Update: Sam has been working on getting potty trained and has been doing super good. First day 100% accidents(fun times), second day 50% accidents/50% went on the potty but didn't really care, Third day 100% no accidents. So far all has been going well however we still have to work on the "BIG JOB" this last Sunday and yesterday he had a little accident with that but he loves to tell us after he is done. Which I guess it is a start but I wish it was before hand because those that have two year olds need to be going in the potty for sure. I don't really want to say it but you know it's almost like adults and that is nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third Mallette Update: Caleb finished his second semester in school. He did really good with his summer classes. I'm super proud of him for going back to school and also working super hard to get our Volleyball club going. He also has been working crazy on getting our new house complete. We have a goal to be done by the end of the month but I'm not too sure that is going to happen. It's so hard on the weekends I just want to spend time with my family and not unpack but I know I must get it done. Oh, lets hope this weekend I have the drive to get it done.

Fourth Mallette Update: I'm feeling great with this pregancy. I have to say I love to be prego the only bad part is I love to eat while I'm prego which is not so good but I can't help it. Honestly I love food and when I'm not prego I watch everything I eat so it's good to just veg-out for 9 months. However once that is over liquid diet here I come!!!!! Although the only difference this time from last time was I really wasn't prego in the summer time. My pregancy with Sam was over in the summer. So I didn't have to worry about all this Texas Heat! Trust me this has not been fun at all. Last Friday night I went to the Ranger game and I ended up walking around b/c I was getting so hot my hands and feet were getting as big as a ballon. So I'm the crazy prego women at the ball park walking around looking like a loser texting my friends and family. After about two innings all was good so I got to go sit back down but trust me when I got to the car after the game I was wet all over from my sweat. All in all I have figured out if I could invent a catheter(I hope this is the spelling) for your sweat glands I would make millions for pregant women in the summer time. Sometime I feel like I sweat a five gallons of water a day. Don't get me wrong I'm so blessed to enjoy pregancy has much as I do. God truly has been good to us.

Sorry for the long post I hope next time I will have photos of Cassidy's room. Till next time Peace Out!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Major Shockers Today

Alright this is crazy but today has been very emotional day for me today. Three major hits all at once. Yes, some may think I'm crazy and some may say it's the prego brain talking but I'm sad about this.

First, Caleb had to turn in the keys to our old house in Azle. True this is what I wanted and I'm super happy but after I tell you what Caleb told me it will make you cry. At least it has made be cry about four or five times today. So I called Caleb at lunch to see how things were going and see how things were coming at the old house. Just wanted to see if he finished moving all the final plants and his ducks. He said he finished with everything and was on the way to the new house. As I was sitting in the car on my way to the "Golden Arches" for a great meal. I thought about it for a min while he was talking how hard this had to be for him. I'm so happy I was not there when it happened because I would be a crazy women crying all day. Think about this Caleb set in our very first house drawing up the house of our dreams and figuring out how to lay all the wires how to make this our dream home. Then he worked months on end building this house, running wire, painting, and so much more. Anyways back to the story. So I asked was it sad to leave the house. Caleb said (this is the time to get the klneex if you don't already have one like me) "Ya it was hard, as I walked out the back door to lock it up for the final time and I looked back at the fire place and the design I did and it was hard to know that someone else was going to use that. I'm not going to love the new house like I loved this one but I'm going to find a new way to love this new house because Sam, the new baby, and you are going to be there and that is all that matters." Hello if you don't have tears in your eyes right now you are crazy. So here I am going through the drive throw and I pull up to the window to pay and the lady just looks at me and says I'm so sorry for whatever happened. This lady must have thought I was crazy or something. Anyways, if you never came out to our house in Azle you missed out, it was wonderful it was any girls dream home. However this move will do us good and I'm excited about starting our new home in Keller together. But I can't say that I'm not sad about the old house as much as I disliked the drive and the location.

Second, Major news the famous Pin-up girl died today. Hello! Farrah Fawcett she was so every man's dream girl to date. She had so many great shows, and movies. She trully was one of the greats for the 70's and 80's.

Third, The KING OF POP DIED! Yes, you all may say he was odd and he did things that he should not have done. But truly he was a legend in the music industry. He had so many great hits he was so big in the 80's and if you know me I love the 80's. So this hits me in the heart as well. Think about his music videos. The music videos now days are all about sex, women, drugs, etc. His videos were so much more than that. They were legends if you ever watch the top videos on VH1 who is always #1 That's right! Michael Jackson. Which video you may ask? "Thriller"

So all in all today has to go down as a totally sad day in my book. Do I think tomorrow the sun will come out? It must, it's Texas! But I think it will be a great day tomorrow but as of now it's crazy what the day has brought to us.

Peace Out

PS. Please join me if you want tomorrow I'm going to wear 80's and try to fix my hair like Farrah Fawcett if I can. I'm not too sure how it's going to go but I'm going to try.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Friday

Ok I know it's been awhile and I hope to post again soon about something else but I have to write this ASAP! I'm blogging at work that is a NONO but this is so funny.

As you all may already know I work for a manufacturing company in Irving. I'm in charge of all the shipping, etc with jobs that go out. Anyways back to the story I had to go give my plant super the loading order for one of our trucks. So as I'm walking outside to the plant I see that he is holding a plant meeting right by his desk which is by the docks. So everyone is standing in a big team circle (Kind of like Wal-Mart and there team meetings). I walk behind trying to be quiet and lay this paper on his desk for him to pick up later. All is good I lay it down and turn around and WOW I smack right into the light that they put on the side of the truck. First I'm shocked at what just happened then I look back and everyone in the plant was looking at me. All I can hear is people talking in Spanish and looking at me. So my comment is "Oh I'm good" and I start walking away really fast. But the whole time I'm walking away I'm laughing so hard. I think they may have thought I was crying.

It was so funny all I can do is laugh and smile about it now. Oh well good to know that I can make everyone in the plant laugh and go home and tell there husbands or wife about what happen today.

I will write later on to tell you other stuff going on.

Peace Out,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Last Week Updates

Alright so here I am to give you a Mallette family update. So last Friday as I told you in my last blog post was girls night. Ended up out of five of us only two ended up going out. Lisa and I decided to tear the town up. While driving to downtown Fort Worth Lisa and I rocked out like the old days singing songs. Some things never change like my wonderful ability to sing, dance, and drive at the same time. Anyways the whole night was super funny I think I laughed the whole time. But the sad part was we were trying to get in at a local hang out and yes you had to be 21 or over. Which clearly I'm over 21 just look at the crows feet by my eyes. (Botox one of these days) Anyways I handed them my ID and he says oh no we can't let you in your DL has expired. REALLY!! You have to be joking right. So here we are with a long line of people behind us and we have to walk away like some teenage girls that can't get into a jumping club. HAHAHA I was so embarrassed that I could have ran in a hole. I should of told the guy really you think a girl under 21 would come out on a Friday night wearing a sweater set on. REALLY!!! Over all the night was super funny we ended up going to five different places and end up at home at 2am and back up at 6:30am with Sam.

So it's true all my fellow friends I will have a dead animal thing hanging on the wall. YES! on the wall in the house not in the garage but IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! Caleb went on his hunt this last weekend and came home with an Aoudad. You may be asking what is this well my friends I don't know what this thing is either till I saw it sitting in my garage in a cooler with it's head hanging out. After Caleb took it out of the black bag (kind of like CSI) I thought to myself how is that thing going to look in the house. Where am I going to put that? How do I decorate with this dead animal on the wall? I could maybe put a scarf around the neck, or lights for christmas. Over all not much you can do with this b/c I already promised. I have about 5 months to think about this b/c that is when it will come back from the taxidermist. Any ideas please let me know. Over all I give Caleb a really hard time but honestly I'm really proud that he got that. He went on a Bow hunting trip which he got his first real Bow only 6 months ago and read up on a lot of ways to improve it and practiced everyday and this was his first time to really shootat a real animal. Which this can't be easy. Although if you ask him how it happened he makes it sound like a love story. She died with so much peace and grace. It maybe could of happpened that way but I'm happy I didn't see that. I would have been yelling RUN!RUN!RUN!

Alright have to run I have a volleyball tournament tomorrow. So I have to get some Caleb and Sam time in before bed. Till next time my fellow bloggers.

~Peace Out

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Blue's

I know right away you all are thinking, when is Sandra going to get on this crazy Blog? I know that is what I was thinking. Not really but by popular demand I'm back. Alright not too much going on this last week. My volleyball girls won first in an open division tournament. Which is really great, I was so excited. However this is really sad to say but I get really excited that the girls start laughing at me because I'm jumping around like a crazy women on the side lines.

I also found out that I don't like cops that much. At 6:30am on a Sunday morning these cops don't need to be sitting on the side of the road. They need to be at some dounut shop. However this last Sunday they were pulling me over. Yes, my friends that know me it's true. "White Bullet" (AKA White Sentra) got pulled over for doing 83 in a 60. Then on top of that my DL is expired. So I got two tickets to start the day. What a great way to start the day! Everyone knows the saying when a cop walks up to your car.(Caleb knows this one by heart! HAHAHA) "Can I see a DL and proof of insurance please?" You hand that over then the next thing is "Do you know why I pulled you over today?" I'm thinking ya I know but I better not say. So what do we all say......."Oh NO why?" Then he come back and says "For Speeding, Do you have some place to be?" Really is this guy for real I was just up at 6:30am on a Sunday driving around on the road for fun. Who does that? Alright I know it was totally my fault so I can't complain but still they don't have to hide in crazy places or drive normal looking cars. What ever happen to the old time cop cars? Why can't they drive those so they stick out so people can see them. Enough about that one.

Caleb and Sam are doing good Sam is always getting into stuff. I can hear Caleb right now yelling at him. Saying Sam get out of that don't get into that. So maybe I should let you all go and tend to that. I hope next time I have better things to talk about but currently I don't have anything really exciting. Tomorrow is girls nights so maybe something funny will come out of that one. I just hope I don't fall on my face or something crazy like that.

Below are a few Photos of the little one the last two weeks.

Here is a photo of Sam just being Sam. Smiling b/c he wants some more food or fruit snacks. He loves those things.
This Photo was taken when I brought him home from my Mom's one afternoon. He walked in and layed down on the floor and went to sleep. It was the funnest thing you would have ever seen. I truly think he would have stayed that way all night if we let him.
Sam took a ride on a Harley Divison. Oh ya that's right, I did but we just let him sit on it. HAHAHA. Kevin was so nice and let Sam pretend he was taking a ride. He loved it but I said no way not till you can pay for it. HAHAHA

Peace Out!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Funny Friday

Alright I have to start by saying I said I would "try" to do this everyday. As you can tell, that does not work so well for me at all. Maybe I should try once a week.

Ok today was SUPER funny!!!! At least I thought it was SUPER funny. Let me give some background for those that may know what I do and those that don't know what I do. I work for a manufacturing company and we build wooden lockers. One of the project we are currently working on is the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. As one of the people who get to purchase the material, I was asked to be added to the list of people on the jobsite. Which is really cool. So this is where the fun starts. You have to take an OSHA class for safety and also take a drug test. But the part that everyone is waiting for is the outfit that I had to wear. Hard hat, goggles and a safety vest (like a crossing guard at school) By popular demand a photo is attached so that you can see how crazy I look.

Thursday was the OSHA class. Nothing really fun about that but I could not keep my eyes open so I dozed off a few times. People around me were laughing but oh well no drool so I'm good.

Now for today! First the drug test was only given from 6:30-7:30am. No big deal. I'm good with getting up but I didn't know how long it would take from my house to my moms and then to the jobsite. So I left really early to make sure I had enough time. Well I didn't plan very well I was there 30 min before hand. Lucky for me Laura was up on her way to work so I talked on the phone with her and drove around Arlington till 6:30am. WHAT A LOSER!

So finally I'm at the jobsite now pulling up to the construction trailer. You can't get out of your car without all your gear on so I'm working hard to put all this on in my "Little White Bullet" (AKA White Sentra) Don't want to get out. It's cold and I don't really care to have a lot of people looking at me funny b/c I'm the only girl on the jobsite, really. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do. So I meet up with the rest of the team from work. We walk into the SMALL jobsite trailer. AGAIN IT WAS SMALL. So as we are walking in we are finding out that not only it is drug testing day but it is also the day that they are giving the Spanish class of OSHA training. Let me tell you, it was FULL!. So here we are waiting in a really FULL, SMALL trailer for them to call our name out. Finally I hear Sandra Mallette. I stand up and I can't move because there are so many people in that place. I am trying to be nice and at the same time I know what they are thinking. What is this girl doing.

Finally I get back to the area were they take the photo, etc. The lady tells me to stand back by the wall. So I know what is coming the photo. Just being normal Sandra I just stand and smile. The lady looks up and sees me smiling and says "Oh most people don't smile in these photos. It's just a badge photo." So I say "Oh sorry about that I didn't know". Then I'm thinking in my head what should I do and then when I'm thinking about this I kind of start to laugh but I don't want to get started b/c once I start I can't stop. SNAP photo was taken just like that. Tried to do the same face in the photo but it's not really the same. So I look over at the computer and first thing out of my mouth was "Wow that was bad can I take another one" That lady just looked and me and said "Do you see the line we don't have time for that and this is a jobsite not a photo shoot." Then me just trying to be funny said "Oh I was just joking I love that photo." The second part is of course, you had to pee in a cup. Which mind you the bathroom was out in that room and you had a little ways to walk. So I'm pushing my way through this line to get into the bathroom. Finally get in and I'm thinking this is a joke right. I have seen truck stop bathrooms better then this one. Then to top it off it had a window with nothing on it. So I'm all scared that people are watching me from outside b/c I can see them so they have to see me. Then I'm really worried about that but at the same time I can't sit on the pot b/c I'm scared I may get some crazy germ and on top of that I have this big coat on with the safety vest trying to move it out of the way so I can get my pee in the cup and on top of that I'm thinking oh no how long have I been in here they are going to think I'm going #2 or something. However I'm still thinking someone is watching and I'm going to be the next YOUTUBE video that people pass around on work e-mails. After all that I'm done finally however they said to just fill it up to this black line well I guess after a glass of water and a cup of coffee I really had to go. I went way over the line so I decided I need to pour some out. I didn't want to walk past all these people with a full cup of pee. So I did that closed the lid and went to wash my hands and they didn't have any soap no towels, etc. Needless to say it made me sick. So I open up the door of course on someone on my way out. Push through all the people again with my cup of pee in my hand. I felt like everyone was watching me and then I'm thinking how long was that, that was too long. So I was finally done and I'm about to walk out the trailer. I open the door and this guy is coming up the steps and he looks up and I guess I look super crazy or he was shocked to see a girl on the jobsite or he didn't tie his shoes but he tripped over his feetand fell flat on his face. I said "Oh are you ok" and he said he was fine and walked away the other direction. I can't help myself but when I trip or other people do it I think it's so funny and I can't help but start to laugh. So I'm trying to hold it in but I start laughing trying to stop but I can't. I felt really bad for that guy.

So that was the funny story it was long I know and if you got through this you're a trooper. But needless to say I'm still laughing about the whole thing.

Peace Out

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The last day before work and to tell you the truth I'm really sad. I have loved waking up to Sam crying around 7am. Then going to get him and bringing him back into bed with Caleb and me and then waking up again to Sam slapping me in the face at 8am. I think it's the best time just hanging out in bed with Sam and Caleb in the mornings. Oh well I still have Saturday's and Sundays.

Today was crazy, Caleb and I had plans to go look at a house in Keller. So as we are getting ready our realtor calls and tells us that someone wants to come look at our house. WHAT??? Caleb and I were so excited because this would be the second showing. We are so ready to move but we don't know yet what they think about the house. We are praying that if it's God will, this will be the right person to buy our house. After doing a fast clean on the house we were off into town for the day of looking at houses, and volleyball practice

We looked at two houses. The first one I could have just walked in and walked right back out it was sooooo bad. Then the second one was okay, not a love house but it could work. Then we stopped in a new housing subdivision and we saw some houses that would work but then again we can't do anything till our crazy house in Canada(AKA Azle) sells.

Alright it is late but here is a cute photo of Sam and Caleb tonight chilling on the couch.

~Peace Out